google is free and you can read diff reporting all reporting the same thing from AJC, local atl news 11 alive, bloomerg etc with the data being based off the US Census. be blessed.  Read more

It’s interesting. This is the same sentiment that was given when Obama had failure after to failure to speak and address honestly the economic issues that were crippling poor black people and I didn’t fuck with it then and I don’t fuck with it now. Read more,3%2Dto%2D1%20ratio. Read more

She was bad and the show was actively bad and not funny. At a certain point I thought maybe she needs to go back to her weird racist impressions of black people from her youtube days that made her so popular cause this is not it.  Read more

Popular nationally maybe but not really locally. Atlanta has the largest income gap in the nation. There are super duper rich people and there are poor people. Keisha gave fuck all about creating jobs and applying pressure to the massive companies in this city to pay people living wages, and trying to solve the Read more

Olivia Wilde talked about how actors often don’t like to be in supporting roles to female lead films because it hurts their marketability in the machine of Hollywood, and I’ve long suspected it’s the same with white actors and actresses in black led and marketed films. Read more

If she hadn’t been found out they wouldn’t have broken up. Black men don’t particularly care about racism in their white women partners. Read more

Virgil is one of the greatest scammers to ever scam and I salute him. Well played sir Read more

Miss you most at christmastime is also a must if you’re all about a #sadgirlchristmas  Read more

Miss me with Keisha who has continued to ignore the staggering income inequality in Atlanta. Allowed and encouraged outside developers to run roughshod all over the city pricing out poor ppl with no real solution to address affordable housing.  Read more

It was jarring especially since the episode with Ji ha had just as much if not more ideas about women and power dynamics and race and American imperialism happening and it hit those stories and ideas s so beautifully and elegantly. I was like wait is this the same show? Read more

I didn’t like this episode in fact I thought it was actively bad. I found a lot of the dialogue to be stilted and corny. Shout out to the actors, who handled it so well cause I actively cringed in a lot of parts. Read more

There is a black love/black men and women relationship subplot that could be delved into but this show has way too many things going on, as it is, for this show to handle. Read more

Yeah. William and Christina def seem like a Ben/Glory situation rather than the same person switching genders. I am calling it now that either it was an spell gone awry or a punishment from Christina’s father.  Read more