Maiysha Kai
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6/07/21 10:13PM

Her family is worth half a billion dollars from banking and were Midwest royalty in the 20th century, particularly in the 20s and 30s and in a really corrupt time in KC. While she seems like a genuinely decent person and calling her out this way was unfair maybe it’s good for her to take a closer look at her Read more

6/07/21 10:00PM

How do you as an organization specifically formed for the purposes of pursuing the agenda of white supremacy, publish a statement denouncing the same with a straight face. This is like Wells Fargo denouncing profit.

6/07/21 8:30PM

You mean people like the Veiled Prophet society? The best thing about covering this story is that it draws attention to organizations like that and helps people understand more about our enemies

6/07/21 7:50PM

She certainly owned the apology. Kudos to her for having the sense to wait to respond, rather than tweeting in haste and forgetting that if it’s on the internet, it’ll be around for years. Read more

6/06/21 3:46PM

I was just saying to a friend that it felt like Meghan should give birth any day now. Read more

6/06/21 1:59PM

And of course on the Daily Mail, there are 0ver 7000 comments, most of them hateful.  Blessings to this little girl and her family.

6/04/21 11:02AM

What he said about providing his wife a soft place to land, so meaningful.

6/03/21 9:14PM

Aww. Beautiful. I’m definitely still smiling.

6/03/21 6:06PM

God!! I hope there is still time and opportunity for us all (me!) to have a love like this find us. I felt every word, spoken and unspoken. Their love is everything :)

6/03/21 3:05AM

I don’t even have it in me to be outraged by any of this any more - as you said, we knew this. But the people *cough* rebuffed Piers Morgan *cough* who keep defending this bullsh*t? Their lies do enrage me. The cognitive dissonance that one has to wilfully employ in order to tout, “You may not call them racist, I say Read more