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6/07/21 8:23PM

No, to be honest, I snarked because someone questioning why an article was necessary while commenting on the article always strikes me as hypocrisy at its finest. But all in seriousness (and finality, because I’ve exhausted this topic): we did a follow-up not only because a) there was enough interest in the first Read more

6/07/21 7:58PM

If I had actually dragged her—or if she wasn’t also claiming some accountability here (which I credited her for)—that really would be. But reading is comprehension, and I’m guessing you never got past the headline.

You know, the headline where I quote her denouncing white supremacy.

6/07/21 7:55PM

Thank you for your rational thinking—and thorough reading.

6/07/21 7:47PM

I noticed y’all are still clicking and commenting, so thanks for doing your part to keep our traffic strong. ;)

5/31/21 8:47AM

The audacity it takes to tell someone how to refer to their own mother (who wholeheartedly embraces that moniker from me, who, in turn, says it to her exclusively), when minding your own business remains entirely free.

And yes, I also refer to her as a superhero, though many people find the constant casting of Black Read more

5/04/21 7:21PM

*stage whisper* I’m literally just moving to my own two-bedroom a few floors up, so yes, we will...

4/30/21 9:43PM

I am neither rich nor famous (don’t let the Grammy nom fool you; no one pays you shit for that—which is why you rock the honor in perpetuity), yet I report on wage inequity regularly (likely because I experience it). Even $40K extra a year would be a game-changer for me, as it would be for the vast majority of Read more

4/30/21 2:47PM

I so deeply empathize with this, and highly recommend this book as a point of empathy, too.

4/06/21 3:41PM

Fun fact: That manifesto is what made me determined to be hired as a full-time member of The Root staff. We love you, we’ll miss you, we salute you!

3/31/21 12:45PM

UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous. I was not at all ready, but finally “got” Keanu after seeing him in the flesh.

3/31/21 12:44PM

As a fellow South Side-er (who is there as we speak), it was really all I could do not to genuflect.

3/31/21 12:43PM

Time definitely stopped—and a soundtrack may have played. 

3/31/21 12:43PM

Right. It’s my other teeth that have my flossing budget high.

3/31/21 6:09AM

Likely another reason they didn’t pursue legal recourse—but again, plagiarism in fashion has always been notoriously difficult to prove.