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Sep 21 2018

1. I actually like the character of Daniel, so I hope they bring him back, but in a way where he’s not letting Issa take advantage of him again. Read more

Aug 27 2018

Daniel represents millions of talented people who work hard at their craft but lack the EQ to recognize opportunities or close the deal. Ego is a mofo and it has tripped up many of us more times than not. The truth of life is that you have to be quite exceptional to overcome the obstacles of our ego. I see the same Read more

Apr 27 2017

That tone-deaf ad was bad enough but then thanking that “pimp turned misogynistic purveyor of black history” (perfect description of him) was the end of the road for them. They can’t come back from that. If this had been a company owned by black women, he would have been calling them bed wenches for selling out to Read more