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Oct 2 2018

I’m also on the fence of what firm allows three lawyers on one case and doesn’t spread it out equitably to garner more billable hours across multiple cases vs. centering it on one? What’s that client’s bill looking like?

Sep 12 2018

That was not what I would deem an HBO sex scene. She was full clothed and it was alluded to while they was sitting at the Waffle House. I’m talkin bout the bucket naked sex scenes HBO loves so much...Kelli deserves that, she’s a very desirable snack. 

Aug 27 2018

I don’t know maybe the new firm will have an initial bump but go well in the long run. Molly isn’t nearly as aloof as Issa when it comes to her career, and her therapy sessions seem to always be about work — so I’m expecting some sort of a moment of clarity on how to navigate this new firm

Aug 27 2018

I agree, I think people are fixated on labeling someone as “toxic masculinity” because Issa Rae in interviews said that would be the theme of season 3, but Issa, the character, is on equal footing with Daniel.

Apr 27 2017

I pointed out facts and also said that they do good marketing to Black women. I didn’t say anything about boycotting anyone. I highlighted Black women owned brands that are affordable and accessible across the US as they are in Target or Walmart. That’s the point, that whatever stance you take do it as an educated Read more

Sep 13 2013

First of all, anyone who admits to joining a NPHC (read: Black) fraternity/sorority because they wanted to avoid racism from other orgs — that just doesn't make any logical sense, considering the history, culture and actual work that the NPHC orgs require. Historically Black fraternities/sororities are different from Read more