Ida Harris
Ida Harris is savvy with standard English, but poetic with Black Vernacular. She will fuck up some Oxford commas. Her work is in DAME, Blavity, ELLE, Teen Vogue, USA Today, Black Enterprise. Holla.

This is disgusting. No one stood up for her? No one is batting these trolls hard away from her? She’s seeing this shit out there too

This is why I never reported my assaulter. I wasn’t jumped by some stranger in a dark alleyway like they would have preferred. I knew him and agreed to go someplace with him. Doesn’t matter what I did or didn’t agree to after that. It makes people more comfortable to think that we caused our own rape. That way they don Read more

I wish I could understand what was going on his mind, what can he find in a woman that can’t move, he and all the men that rape should end castrated at least. Read more

My heart goes out to her. I don’t give a damn if she shook her ass afterward—sometimes you have to play normal to function after you’re attacked, or you’d lose it on the spot, and you can’t. You have to hold it together. Rape victims do contradictory things because they’re in crisis. When someone violates you like Read more

Basic fact out there for you trolls: if a person is intoxicated, or incapacitated, they are LEGALLY INCAPABLE of giving consent. Doesn’t matter if they just had one too many, or whatever. It. Is. Rape. Read more

So a woman literally RECORDED her sexual assault and people didn’t believe her? What more proof is required for them? Or are the internet trolls just trolling? The best thing I ever did was get off twitter, thank you for doing the tough shit Ida. This piece highlights the obvious disregard and hatred for black women Read more

She was drugged!! But EVEN IF SHE WASN’T people behave in all sorts of strange ways after trauma. Most likely she was twerking after because she was drugged or drunk or dissociated and hadn’t processed what happened to her. Fuck these people who deny a rape they witnessed with their own eyes and judge the victim’s Read more

Very rarely am I speechless. This is one of those times. Same people angry when police walk after clearly seen violating a black man rights are suddenly looking at an assault and finding every legal loophole to excuse it. I know an assault when I see it. 

In many black communities and households alike, young girls are emotionally victimized—largely by women Read more

Hmmm.....I’m just here because of the ain’t shit things Wendy just said about Stormy Daniels.....and just wanted to know her track record of not bein shit. It’s pretty solid

an opp in regards to black radical politics...not the CRM of which he is described as a ‘significant figure’..its about his opposition to black radicalism that he deemed dangerous.

yeah no one called him an ‘opponent’ of civil rights lol wut and I don’t think liberation was Jackie’s goal so much as integration and successful assimilation. There’s a difference between not aligning with black radical politics, using your visibility to repudiate them and then endorsing a man who had a hand in Read more

Holy Hyperbole Batman. I think there’s a vast ocean of choice between being Killmonger and testifying in court against a black activist (and staunch supporter of yours) implicating him as a communist and belittling his brilliance in an effort to assuage the discomfort of white people. Especially considering the fate Read more

Wouldn’t Booker T have been the absolute first?

He had some questionable views, but not unlike a lot of other notable people you mentioned. I’ll give him credit for being an Army Captain, 4-letter athlete, and someone who fought for equality. However his whole story gives you more informaiton about who he was and not just the Hollywood/santa-claus-ed version of who Read more

There is a great documentary on PBS about Jackie later in life. He was definitely toeing the Uncle Tom line. He also had a weird voice. Read more