Ida Harris
Ida Harris is savvy with standard English, but poetic with Black Vernacular. She will fuck up some Oxford commas. Her work is in DAME, Blavity, ELLE, Teen Vogue, USA Today, Black Enterprise. Holla.

Nah..and nah, again. I won’t debate conjecture. But be great, whatever that is for you...peace.

A person must have the opportunity to say “no,” long before another projects themselves. That is the point you and others seem to miss. Read more

So it’s okay for said waiter or server to put almonds on your salad without knowing whether you want almonds or even salad in the first place? Not a good parallel, especially, since the it’s the waiters job to wait—and ask.

Sadly, this type of ilk is typical. Very. Some semblance of this incident can be copied & pasted for many women.

Thanks for your response. However, I believe you are missing the point; which is the entitlement before the violence. If some men understood they are not entitled, then perhaps they could understand cues and a simple”no.”

I often joke that my office hours are from 4 a.m. till noon—because night owl, because writing, because can’t sleep. I gotta do better or try hard to go to bed earlier

Tarana is such a graceful dove.

I hope I don’t sound like the makeup counter artist when I say this, but have you tried BB cream? It’s more of a tinted moisturizer and alternative to foundation.

Listen: NY is one of the best of whoever did it. 32" weaves are boss. All hail the Queens.

...and “grown women” as well.