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If there’s a bright side, this is the first time a Jaguar’s made a clean tackle on someone since 2017.

So on the song, it’s a fake MJ singing for a cartoon image of a fake MJ. So not really Michael Jackson at all which is good for me because YOU WILL NEVER REMOVE THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA SONG FROM MY HEAD

“underscores his alarmingly cozy relationship with the official spokesnetwork of the world’s oldest Caillou impersonator.” Read more

Phoenix materia is definitely recommended; it causes some damage and revives some undoubtedly fallen party members. Keep Wall casted at all times to cut damage in half. Two casts of Knights of Round should be all it takes to defeat this boss

The Sephiroth comparison combined with the photo of her from a little ways away was perfect. Is her dog named Meteor?

What did Funko Pop dolls do to deserve this comparison? 

As a dog returns to its vomit, so an alleged rapist repeats his McDonald’s order.
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This is why we need to end “no-knock warrants.” the couple was packing heat, and now they’re dead for defending themselves. Read more

I mean Montana itself is a Spanish word. 

I hate to be that dude but in the interest of accuracy, 2 things missed in proofreading (I’m a teacher so it’s a hard habit to break): Bitch McConnell is from Kentucky, you wrote Iowa; and you repeated a whole paragraph twice. Keep up the good work though

Because they’re not requirements under the Constitution. That might sound tautological, but SCOTUS has consistently held that, outside of signature and filing fee requirements, the qualifications the Constitution requires for someone to be elected are the sole requirements and cannot be expanded. Presumably, in the Read more

Rudy’s code in life has always been, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.