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Counterpoint: Silk shirt fresh out the pack = player shit. 

I’m behind this, they should retcon it with Lil Pump

The policy was bad and she shouldn’t have supported it on its face; regardless of the number of families it would go on to affect. Bad policy is bad on paper before it harms anyone in the real world. Any “top cop” should know as much, let alone one billed as progressive. I’ve got no strong feelings about Harris the Read more

So not the same thing then? Got it.

They never asked me if I could drive one!

Good catch, and thanks! Feel free to be that dude; accuracy’s the main thing.

Hey man, Ibn here. I took extra time with Jay because, while rumors abound, I’m only comfortable publishing what I can source comfortably. What’s up now is what passes the smell test. I’m sure some would feel there are things omitted. I’m 1000% down to see anything to bolster anything I’ve omitted.

Nah man, it wasn’t cool on my part. I wrote it after inserting the quote from mom that misgendered her, then went back and did the same without thinking. Noted and corrected, I’m all about letting folks be who they wanna.

Thank you for this, I’ve updated the post. Will try to be more sensitive next time. Thanks for the link as well.

Am i having a stroke

First of all, thank you for reading and comprehending. Read more

I worked at NikeTown on Newbury Street in Boston in 2007. I was a cashier. Read more