Brandon Harrison
Brandon is washed under 30. He programs short docs at the Brooklyn Film Festival, has a podcast, and eats good charcuterie.
9/05/17 1:17PM

Issa has the emotional maturity of a 2-year old. How are that grown and still like that? And tearing up your own shit too?

8/28/17 8:53AM

Saying Daniel abused Issa’s trust is a reach. He was about to cum, got caught up in the moment and let off a stray shot - it happens. It’d be one thing if he didn’t give any forewarning at all and just did a pre-meditated nut in Issa’s face, but that wasn’t what happened. Read more

8/28/17 8:37AM

THANK YOU!! I thought it was just me too that didn’t understand why Issa was mad or why Daniel was made out to be the villan in this article😒 Read more

8/21/17 1:47PM

That whole rap about Lawrence being unemployed for two years as a justification for cheating is some low-key, sexist bullshit. If you flipped that around and Issa had been unemployed and living off of Lawrence would that be a justification for him to cheat? Hell no! So why do we say the reverse is OK?