Brandon Harrison
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9/11/17 3:39PM

Fair. Her moving in is alot still. Especially considering that how their last interaction ended. Seems like drama for dramas sake

9/05/17 2:33PM

Another thing about this dinner scenario, is that literally everybody else brought somebody. Tiffany accounted for Kelli brining that random dude from the pancake spot but Lawrence can’t bring +1? Seems like an oversight. Read more

9/05/17 2:18PM

I’m just glad this review is fair on both sides and stayed away from all the mudslinging. Empathy and criticism is due for everybody. Read more

9/04/17 5:06PM

This whole review just absolves Issa and talks about Molly and Lawrence. Issa was acting out throughtout this episode and trashed her place cuz she was in her feelings about how she had been acting.

8/28/17 12:12PM

This whole Issa Daniel oral sex thing is a borderline ridiculous storyline in 2017. If anything her being miffed at most would be more realistic.

8/22/17 8:58AM

I mean is he? His glow up was actually pre Issa cheating on him. So he got the job he wanted turned his life around. Don’t see how he’s trash. Just seems like a dude who went through some ish. But okay.

8/21/17 2:07PM

Because there’s no recourse. If she likes it, you win. If she doesn’t. Move on.

8/21/17 2:06PM

Daniel (DAI) was on a steady rise but staggered after dealing with (ISA). Don’t sell just yet! (DAI) looking up for Episode 6.