Kanye West is more influential than the POTUS.

AskMen.com has rolled out the results of its fifth annual "Top 49 Most Influential Male" survey, and there were some surprises, like celebrities ranking higher than the president of the United States. Comedian Jon Stewart, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Kanye West made up the top five. Not only is West in great company, but he also ranked higher than music mogul Jay-Z (13), president Barack Obama (21), rapper Drake (28), actor Isaiah Mustafa (30), race-car driver Lewis Hamilton (34) and Kobe Bryant (44). Although it is precarious that West and Jay-Z ranked higher than president Obama, it is not surprising, considering that more people vote for the American Idol than for the president of the United States. We know it's just a poll, but priorities, priorities, priorities.

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