Artur Davis at the RNC? Republican, Please!

The Rev. Timothy McDonald III
Artur Davis (The Washington Post/Getty Images)

The Rev. Timothy McDonald III writes at the Huffington Post that the Democrat-turned-Republican is the personification of self-interest.

Republican, please!

Well, Artur Davis is sure making the most of his recent transformation from Democrat to Republican. He's secured a high-profile gig speaking at the Republican National Convention today. And he dutifully made the rounds of right-wing talk television recently, claiming that Vice President Joe Biden was engaging in "racial viciousness" when he contrasted Romney's promise to unchain Wall Street with policies that would put real people back in chains. Mr. Davis was deeply, deeply offended on behalf of the African American people.

Republican, please!

Whatever you thought of Biden's rhetorical riff, it doesn't even come close to the viciousness that is being engaged in regularly by the Romney campaign, with its deceptive ads warning white working-class voters that Obama is turning over their money to people who just don't want to work. That's just one of the racial dog whistles being blown in this campaign year. Remember when Romney was gloating over the boos he received at the NAACP when he denounced "Obamacare," and characterized supporters of the law as the kind of people who want "more free stuff?" Or John Sununu being trotted out to denounce the president's "foreign" ideas and wish the president would "learn how to be an American."


Read the Rev. Timothy McDonald III's entire piece at the Huffington Post.

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