An arrest has been made in the murder of Zurana Horton. (Google)

Sean Gardiner and Pervaiz Shallwani of the Wall Street Journal are reporting that an arrest has been made in the murder of pregnant mother Zurana Horton. Police arrested David Lopez, 18, and charged him as being the rooftop gunman who fatally shot a mother shielding children from the bullets he was allegedly firing at a rival gang outside a Brooklyn, N.Y., school last week.

Andrew Lopez was charged on Tuesday in the murder of Zurana Horton, 34, according to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who said the teen made statements incriminating himself in the killing. Two of Lopez's brothers were also charged.


Horton, 34, a mother of 13, was waiting to pick up her children from P.S. 298 on Friday when a gunman began firing from the rooftop of a building at 1800 Pitkin Ave., a block away. As Horton covered several children, she was struck by a stray bullet in the chest and killed. Other wayward shots grazed the cheek of an 11-year-old student and hit the arm of another mother, 31 years old, who survived.

Lopez was picked up after the police received information from various sources that he was involved in the shooting.

Kudos to Brooklyn police for finding Horton's alleged killer so quickly. We still don't understand why this isn't a national news story. Further, we don't understand why people are fixated on how many children this woman had as opposed to her heroic deed, which saved the lives of schoolchildren. Demonizing Horton for her life choices instead of celebrating her for protecting the lives of children, even when facing death, is infuriating. Because of Lopez's alleged actions, 12 children are now without a mother. Because of Horton's actions, several children will now go home to their mothers. That is all that really matters.


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