Gregory McQueen

Sgt. Gregory McQueen’s role at an Army base in Fort Hood, Texas, was to support sexual assault survivors at the same time he was reportedly organizing a prostitution ring at the base. McQueen was sentenced to two years in prison for “pandering and conspiracy to solicit prostitution,” the Daily Mail reports.

McQueen recruited female soldiers and told them that they could make more money by offering sexual services to high-ranking officers at the base.


He tried to convince one female officer to perform at swinger and stripper parties, and another was told to have sex with a male officer for $100. McQueen targeted female soldiers who were strapped for cash. Two female soldiers testified about McQueen’s solicitations.

One soldier testified that she had sex with McQueen and he took pictures of her naked body to show potential clients of the prostitution ring.


McQueen pleaded guilty to the prostitution charges but pleaded not guilty to sexual assault.

In addition to this two-year sentence, a military judge issued McQueen a dishonorable discharge from the Army.


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