Please forgive me, protesters. I didn’t mean to compare you to the McMichaels. There is absolutely no evidence that you hunted anyone down and shot them in broad daylight.

Curiously, police showed up at this particular peaceful demonstration of balloons. Although they did not engage the armed law-abiding citizens, they kept close watch, unlike when the McMichael fugitive slave caravan paraded through the neighborhood with someone literally riding shotgun on the back of a pickup truck.


I wonder why? The Panthers appeared to have “firearms being carried in open fashion,” which is exactly how District Attorney George Barnhill described the gunmen in his letter explaining why he decided to shield Arbery’s killers from justice. I wonder why there was such interest in the black dudes with guns when, as Barnhill wrote, “under Georgia legal open carry”?

As Bugs Bunny said to likely Brunswick resident Elmer Fudd: “It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.”


The McMichaels are currently being held in jail without bond while neighborhood residents are being held in their bathroom scared shitless.