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Gilbert Arenas and his legal team are hoping to shut down the upcoming L.os Angeles spinoff of Basketball Wives, claiming that ex-wife Laura Govan's role on the show will exploit him and damage his image.

The Orlando Magic guard has reportedly asked a judge to issue an injunction against the show, claiming that although there are no plans to mention him by name, "the very presence of defendant Govan and the title of the show is an obvious reference to [Arenas]." He also notes that his name was used in the press release announcing that Govan had joined the cast, and that producers have no right to use his name or likeness — expressed or implied.


We can only assume that these tweets cheering the new gig for the mother of his four children for its potential to decrease his child-support payments were made before he consulted with his lawyers:

"for everybody talkin about my BM on that tv show..i dont care what she does..if she gets a job I [pay] less money to her(SMART THINKER HERE)."

"1 they cant lie about u on tv u can sue the show 2 if they hav a job it lowers ur let them work."

Inconsistent statements aside, it seems to us that the suit by this self-proclaimed "SMART THINKER" is only serving to draw more of the public's curiosity to whichever aspects of his image and personal life he's so concerned with keeping out of our trashy television lineup.


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