If you don't know the answer to that question, Clutch magazine's Stacia L. Brown says that her quiz can shed light on your precise degree of black elitism.

Bourgie. It's a word with which the black community is fairly familiar. But depending on your attitude toward it, you may feel a little comfortable owning it as an identifier. Is "bourgie" a pejorative, a badge of honor, or something in the middle? For the purposes of this fun little self-assessment, let's give it the most charitable definition possible. Today, for our Clutchquiz, bourgie will mean ironically hifalutin or playfully snooty, perhaps a little given to putting on pretentious airs but also rather aware of what you're doing.

Hopefully that takes the edge off, for those who score as bourgie here, even though they've always considered that term to be a jab.

Answer the following questions, see how you fair, and post your results in our comments section:

1. If given the choice, where would you suggest meeting a group of six friends for a meal?

a. The brunch spot that was recently featured in your city's Sunday Style section as the new "It Spot" for young, minority professionals.
b. A trendy tapas bar, where wine flows in abundance, and the music is a mellow mix of Robin Thicke, Kem, and Maxwell.
c. An inexpensive low-end spot like TGI Friday's or Red Robin where everyone's appetizers will be cheap and plentiful and some big game will be blaring from an overhead TV.


Read Stacia L. Brown's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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