Are Black Women Fighting Other People’s Battles?

Therese Patricia Okoumou, an immigrant activist from the Republic of Congo, climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest the separation of migrant children from their families. But what’s that got to do with black folks?


Despite misconceptions, immigration in America has plenty to do with black people. In fact, black immigrants in the United States have faced significant racism and are also more likely to face deportation when coming in contact with the criminal justice system.

But African immigrants have a profound impact on the United States’ overall economy with $40.3 billion in spending power. And they’re also more likely to have graduate degrees than U.S.-born citizens.

So, should black people care about immigration?

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Sticky Burnz

If any black person thinks fighting for immigrants is “fighting other people’s battles” than they need to get way off the stage. The policies and the framework created to harass immigrants has for years been used against black people, both immigrants and the ancestors of slaves, and will be used against us again. Much of immigration enforcement is driven by profit motives. When they’ve locked up and kicked out all the immigrants, the hunger for profit will still be there and who do you think they will turn to next.

Secondly, black people should know better than anybody that when equality isn’t protected for some people, its not really guaranteed for anyone. We have a duty to help other struggling people and the gift to show how people can survive in a racist America hell-bent on your destruction. That is why African-American culture is appreciated world wide by people in the underclass of their societies. Game recognize game, and the struggle recognized the struggle. Preach on.