Are African-American Voters Fed Up With Obama?

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama (Getty)
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama (Getty)

In his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column, Eugene Kane addresses critical questions about President Barack Obama's relationship with African-American voters, saying that many let their feelings blur their judgment of his job performance.


In some circles, there is a growing belief that African-American voters are fed up with President Barack Obama.

You can hear it on right-wing talk radio from people like Rush Limbaugh. You can also hear it from conservative website, which ran this headline over a story last week:

"Blacks Tired of Obama Promises!"

OK, that's expected hype from those sources. What's surprising is you can hear the same sentiments expressed more and more frequently on black radio and print in Milwaukee and other cities. More blacks are wondering publicly just what Obama is doing to help alleviate problems in the black community, which is a dramatic change from just a few years ago when the first African-American president seemingly could do no wrong.


Perhaps that was part of the problem.

It's become popular to question whether black voters let their positive feelings about Obama blur their judgment of his job performance in office. It's a discussion that asks whether black Americans have let him off the hook given the current state of black America, which seems disproportionately bleaker than the rest of the nation struggling to recover from a recession.

It's about black voters asking some hard questions about whether Obama is doing enough for "his people."

Read Eugene Kane's entire column at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

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