After the partying stopped, Haiti presidential candidate Wyclef Jean sat down and chatted with the Associated Press. He says that he supports the U.S. and U.N.'s strategy for rebuilding Haiti's economy after its magnitude 7 earthquake. This plan includes private investment in factories, agriculture and other areas. Jean says the best way to get Haiti back on its feet is education, job creation and investment in Haiti. He also "hit back" at critics who allege that he used post-quake money for personal use and the fact that he owes the U.S. $2.1 million in back taxes. It is plausible that Jean is using the money raised in the quake relief to fund his presidential run. He insists that he isn't. We're pretty sure that if he is, someone will find out and publicize it. In the meantime, we're hearing run, Wyclef, run.


—Nsenga K. Burton

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