Anti-Fascists Hunt Down, Knock Out Neo-Nazi for Harassing Black Man

@Shaughn Patrick Ffud via Facebook
@Shaughn Patrick Ffud via Facebook

Updated Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, 8:34 p.m. EDT: The man who witnessed a neo-Nazi get knocked the fuck out says that before the white supremacist lay down for an impromptu, involuntary nap on the sidewalk, he was yelling racist propaganda at passers-by and even threw a banana at a man.


Sean Patrick Duff, who took the now-infamous photo and video, told The Stranger he was on his way to see Baby Driver when he encountered the man screaming at people “Alex Jones-style.” Duff said a crowd gathered around, and one of the onlookers told the man to “get the fuck out of our city.”

But if there is one credit we must give the whole of Caucasianity, it is their unafraid, thrill-seeking gene. Duff says that the neo-Nazi, surrounded by people, turned toward the person who had told him to leave the city and threw a banana at him.


Almost immediately, another person ran from across the street and delivered the chin checkmate to the unidentified racist, causing him to go night night.

Duff took video and photographic evidence because he wanted to know if this was really happening. He admits that he was very high off of about 800 grams of THC.

There is no word on whether the banana was from Whole Foods.


If America ever wants to end the divisive hate and separation that have overtaken this country, we must come together to stand against this scourge of white-on-white crime. When I heard that a group of anti-fascists went out and found a neo-Nazi who had harassed a black man on a Seattle train, I broke down in tears when I heard it ended like this:


OK, the crying was mostly from laughter, but those were real tears, so it absolutely counts!

OK, let’s back up and explain what happened. (Hey, stop laughing! This is an actual news item, and violence is never funny! No, I’m not giggling, I have a cold! That’s how I cough sometimes.)


On Sunday, a Seattle man who goes by the handle “BigotBasher” heard about a black man being harassed on a Seattle commuter train in a Reddit post (because if you like fighting bigots, Reddit is the place to be). BigotBasher began sharing the photo around Seattle’s anti-fascist community.


Soon a few people started tweeting and sending private messages that they had located the man in downtown Seattle.


When the man was found, he was confronted by one sweatshirt-wearing ruffian who apparently disagreed with either the white supremacist’s political positions or his swastika armband. The neo-Nazi eloquently tried to explain himself before he was kindly served, without charge, a healthy portion of an ancient sub-Saharan African dish called “deez hands.” The gentleman Nazi, apparently tired of the commotion, chose to use the moment to engage in slumber right there on the sidewalk.


The Seattle police have not been able to verify anyone involved in the incident, but anti-fascists around Seattle are celebrating the momentary victory as a teachable moment.

When asked for comment, the neo-Nazi replied, “Zzzzzzzzzz.”

View video of the incident below:

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That was beautiful. 😂😂😂

I don’t want to hear about “violence bad” when some POS who advocates genocide gets the smack down.