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Not everyone is in love with the stimulus package and what makes our nation great is that you can peaceful organize to display your discontent when you don't like something—provided you get the permits and such. Dissent is what makes this country great and since no one seems to care about the anti-stimulus package protests, The Buzz will give it some shine:

Ain't No Party Like an Anti-Stimulus Tea Party Because an Anti-Stimulus Tea Party Don't Stop (until the permits and such run out)!!!


The Buzz will never claim that the right does not make compelling points. That's unfair and, more importantly, untrue. Democrat and Republican alike both make compelling points and both make ludicrous points. One side doesn't read between the lines; the other doesn't read the lines (I'll leave you to decide which is which). 

The stimulus package is not perfection, thus, those who oppose are not necessarily crazy. Despite much love for the spirit of the Obama Cut, even The Buzz has practical questions regarding just who will be footing this bill and you will continue to see references to China and how they kind of own the United States right now. The amusement found in the above is that often terrible representatives are asked to make these points, and that's just a turn-off. A sound theory or argument seems to mutate once it leaves their mouths, and that's somewhat unfortunate. But were it not for such mutations, watching a group of people who haven't really had to take to the streets for their beliefs in quite some time wouldn't be nearly as hilarious. Sure; the tea party angle harkens to the Founding Fathers and revolution and what not. But the fact they couldn't really rally around something that happened in the last 200-plus years without alienating large swaths of the populous—and if you get technical the tea party isn't the most egalitarian thing in the world—is very telling. 

Speak on this, Buzzonians. SPEAK.