The General Assembly in Tennessee is bandering about the notion of a bill professing "profound regret" for that state's roll in the American Slave trade, but there is no addendum that would include any kind of reparations, sympathy card or balloon bouquet, so I am always confused about who, exactly is supposed to feel better after thse apologies come down the pike. Seems that black people are often in the same bag, but all the white folk breathe a sigh of relief, as if to say "now we can get down to business."

Well, yeah, whatever, right?

But I am adamantly opposed to slavery apologies that don't come with some kind of recompence—-otherwise, what's point? It's not that I am a proponent of reparations—I'm not—but if you are going to be apologizing for a wrong of that magnitude, you'd better not step up empty-handed. You better come with a plate of food or a fresh-baked pie or something at this late date. And for me, that would be fine.

Give me a nice box of pastry, and I'll say apology accepted, whitey. I'm just trying to keep it movin'. Life's too short. Because while you are deciding whether you accept this or that apology, Al Sharpton-stylee, or waiting for America to cut you a check from the goodness of its heart, the world, oddly enough, keeps on spinning.

Have any of you really benefited from the various apologies for slavery? Wouldn't you be just as happy with a box of donuts and a nice "I'm Sorry" card with Ziggy on the cover? Don't front.


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