Ann Coulter Wants You to Know She’s Still Trash

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Ann Coulter has seen the recent uptick in blustery right-wing pundits who could place in Seabiscuit lookalike contests. After making headlines for slamming Donald Trump’s inability to build his long-promised border wall earlier this week, she’s back to claim her throne.


Speaking to the destitute man’s Megyn Kelly, Coulter, the white character from the Good Times painting omitted for political reasons, described the incoming class of Democratic state representatives as exactly what it is: a more balanced representation of the electorate.

But, according to Coulter, if our representation is to be believed, we’d all be at one another’s throats in an instant were it not for our shared, undying hatred for white guys.

“I mean you, have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers,” said the BoJack Horseman muse. “The only thing that keeps the Democratic base together is for them to keep focusing on: ‘No, white men are the ones keeping you down, you must hate white men.’ It’s the only thing they all have in common.”

Coulter, who never explained how Jewish men, many of whom consider themselves white, play into her tantrum, saw her comments quickly repudiated as racist, most notably by a sadly mistaken Joe Scarborough of MSNBC.


Actually, Joe, they kinda do.

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