Andre Abram Forgives Man Who Told Him He Was in a “No N-Word Zone”

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Andre Abram, the Arizona man who was told he was in a “no nigger zone,” says he has forgiven the man who insulted him.


In an interview with TMZ, Abram said that he doesn’t have any lingering beef with Paul Ng, the man who dropped the slur. “I forgive him about the situation, but moving forward I pray that he understands that this is not okay. This is not okay.” Abram told TMZ. He said that he would be open to having a one-on-one chat with Ng, provided he had any interest. Over the weekend, Abram and a family member were in Scottsdale filming a video for his Instagram page when Ng approached them and began to inquire why they were in the neighborhood.

Abram told TMZ that the experience has been particularly difficult, with the widespread media attention that’s followed, causing him to continually relive the experience. “That was a very vulnerable you can imagine, people are doing reactions and I’m seeing it on the news, so it’s constantly replaying and I have to relive this situation frequently.”

Abram added that, unfortunately, he’s gone through similar experiences in the past so he’s built up the mental strength to get through it. He said that he has a strong support system in his friends and family and that he’s open to seeking professional help should things become too overwhelming.

Abram noted that he doesn’t hold grudges with anybody and feels Ng is already receiving the proper consequences for his actions. “He’s been prosecuted, he lost his job, and he’s getting penalties to the furthest extent. I feel like he’s dealing with the things that he should, the penalties that should come with his actions.”

On Tuesday, The Root reported that after the video of Ng using the slur went viral, he was arrested for disorderly conduct, lost his job as a real estate broker, and his former employer recommended he be entirely stripped of his professional license.

The triple-double of racism, if you will.

Abram ended the interview by saying that if Ng truly has that much hate in him, he should keep it to himself. “If that is how you feel, just keep it in your heart...You don’t have to go on a public row and display that.”


That might the politest way I’ve ever heard someone say, “Bruh, you need to learn to shut fuck up.”

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