All About the Benjamins: Kamala Harris Has More Billionaire Donors Than Any Other 2020 Democratic Candidate

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She’s in the money, honey!!!

While Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren continue their crusades to galvanize the working class with their policy proposals, Kamala Harris is the one presidential hopeful that has appealed to the 1 percent the most.


According to Business Insider, the junior California senator has received more donations from billionaires than any other Democrat running for president.

The outlet cites an analysis of Federal Election Commission data published by Forbes on Monday tracking Federal Election Commission data from Jan. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2019, and included all itemized donations over $100.

Apparently, the former state prosecutor and district attorney has gotten the bag from 46 billionaires since the top of 2019, including oil heir Gordon and Ann Getty, investor Dean Metropoulos, and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs. Star Wars kingpin George Lucas made his only donation to Harris.

With a celebrity net worth of $4 million, Harris is running neck and neck with the other black senator running for president, Corey Booker, for billionaire support.

Booker, the former Newark, N.J., mayor, has accumulated donations from 45 billionaires, including Google chairman and Booker’s former business partner Eric Schmidt, and filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has accepted donations from 44 billionaires, while South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg has gained support from 39.


Harris’ campaign is the subject of widespread speculation that it may be nearing its end since she closed three of four of her New Hampshire campaign offices and fired staff within the last month.

During a Thursday appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Harris talked more about the financial woes that have plagued her election hopes.


“The cold hard reality of running for president is that it is really expensive and you gotta raise a lot of money and you have to make hard decisions….so we had to make a difficult decision about limited resources and where to put them,” she said before doing a shameless plug for more donations.




Bug, not feature.

I wish her future talk show career well.