Alfred Brock and The Whispered Fear


Alfred Brock arrived in DC with a special delivery for President Obama—-a rifle and many rounds of ammunition.  This underscores for me the fear alot of folks have about President Obama but will only speak of in whispers: will he he make it through his term without someone taking a shot at him? It seems like a macabre question, but one that keeps popping up in hushed tones barbershops and card games everywhere. What's up with that?

I know alot of you think that we have entered a new era, but there are still a few hold-outs who aren't quite ready to dismantle the Old Ways. These people are old, white and earnest.  Brock is not the first, and he won't be the last to try and use violence to express his displeasure with the changing of the guard. Is it me, or is Obama not pressed about the haters and nutbags who might want to pick him off? Does he seem too cool, too cavalier about it? I think so.  Maybe he just seems more accessible than he should because I think he should be more careful than he is. Am I being paranoid?

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