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Fresh off her midterm election victory and the purchase of her first couch, representative-elect of New York’s 14th Congressional District, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took a moment from representing the best of our political process to cut some faux-populist fat cats down to size.

After Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet celebrating her new lease on home decor and her remarks on Washington D.C.-area rent to the New York Times, on-air personalities (if such a word can be legally used to describe soulless husks) Ed Henry, Judy Miller and every white soccer mom’s bob cut circa 2013 responded to the anecdote with the raucous laughter requisite a Seinfeld episode.


Formerly-broke Ocasio-Cortez, hopefully from the comfort of the finest of Ashley’s offerings, had some shit to talk in response.

If the upstart rep from New York legislates as well as she handles her light work, she might be around long enough to spring for a chaise lounge.

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