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A pastor in Gadsden, Ala., is fed up with racists after his truck was vandalized with bigoted graffiti, and says the next time it happens, he’s going to “stand his ground.”

Pastor K. Solomon Williams, a preacher at Piedmont’s Mount Pleasant CME Church, woke up on Sunday and saw that his Ford F-150 was plastered with graffiti, according to WBRC. Williams’ truck had the word “nigger” sprayed on it, as well as a swastika. In addition to the graffiti, the truck’s tires were flattened and a water hose was placed in the car and turned on.

But let the vandals come back to Williams’ house again. He said he has something in store for them.


“If they come back on my property, I know this is a stand-your-ground state. And so, I’m not going to let someone come and hurt my family at any given time. And I’ll stand my ground if I have to,” says Williams.

Stand your ground, Rev. Williams.

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