Murphy Wilson and Lucinda Myers (Gianna Snell Photography via Instagram)

One Alabama couple is showing us that real love has no limit—especially no age limit. Murphy Wilson, 70, and Lucinda Myers, 67, plan to wed on July 29 in Huntsville, Ala.

Like the young whippersnappers these days, they took a series of engagement photos to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, and social media swooned.

Comedian Niecy Nash shared the picture on Instagram, and it blew up from there.


“She swept me off my feet. I just fell in love with this gorgeous woman,” Wilson said of his blushing bride. “And of course she fell in love with me because of my charm and suave.”

Wilson, who was married for 41 years, was widowed in 2013. He met Myers at church—the very same church where they will take their vows.


After his wife’s death, Wilson said that he would “pray and pray” for the Lord to bring someone else into his life, until he realized that “the answer to my prayer was sitting in the balcony with me for the last four years.”

And what better place to find your soul mate than in the place where souls are saved?


“He has a beautiful smile. I love him so much,” Myers said of Wilson. “The Lord just put us together for a reason. We’re just so happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better mate.”

Amen to that!

Their photographer, Gianna Snell, encourages fans to follow their darling story at @never2latecouple.