AKAs: Get Your Girl Post Haste

Photo courtesy of NBC Washington

From NBC Washington:

Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority are attempting to fire their national president, Barbara McKinzie, after McKinzie allegedly used sorority money to commission a $900,000 “living legacy wax figure” of herself.


Sometimes, this stuff just writes itself.

Eight Alpha Kappa Alpha members filed a lawsuit in the D.C. Superior Court on June 20, reports Washington Business Journal.  The members want to fire their national leaders and order McKinzie to return funds stemming from alleged misuse of a corporate credit card; a $375,000 lump sum payment; and a $4,000 monthly stipend McKinzie is to be paid for four years after she leaves office.

Washington Business Journal reports:

Most Washingtonians recall the organization’s centennial celebration last summer — downtown D.C. was swarmed by thousands of AKA members decked head-to-toe in pink and green…. The event itself, though, is part of the controversy. The massive attendance — and a registration fee that was twice as high as it had been in prior years, $500 per person — generated significant surplus funds for the organization, the plaintiffs allege.


The plaintiffs claim that McKinzie, with the approval of the group’s directors but without the approval of the overall membership, spent the surplus funds on McKinzie’s “pet projects.”

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What is there to say really? Oh right. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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