AIG Builds Moat to Thwart Populist Outrage

As if Wednesday's public Congressional flogging of AIG head Edward M. Liddy weren't enough, pitchforks, frothing mouths and Molotovs are still a concern for the insurance giant.

A leaked AIG internal memo suggests the corporation has finally noticed the outrage (from Barack Obama, no less!) directed at its brazen pillaging of the US Treasury. And AIG is not the kind of company to sit idly by as its livelihood is threatened. Gawker has the goods:

Due to a growing sense of public attention fueled by increased media scrutiny, AIG Corporate Security would like to highlight vertain protective measures all employees can take in order to increast their overall safety and security.


These include:

o Avoid wearing any AIG apparel (bags, shirts, umbrellas, etc.) with the company insignia

o Ensure any badges with the AIG insignia are not readily visible when exiting the office

o Be aware of individuals who appear to be out of place or spending an inordinate amount of time near an AIG facility and report these sightings immediately to building security

o At night, when possible, travel in pairs and always park in well lit areas

The list goes on. It's great to see a company like AIG respond so swiftly and effectively to a crisis affecting regular, ordinary AIG employees.


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