After Philadelphia Police Yank Woman Out of Her Car and Attack Her, Police Union Uses Her Son in Propaganda Photo

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If the events of the current year haven’t driven the point home, cops are fucking trash. They’re also fucking liars. The latest instance of cops being trash-ass liars occurred in Philadelphia, where cops yanked a Black woman out of her car, attacked her, and then used her son in what was basically a propaganda photo.


Not all cops, though. *rolls eyes*

CBS News reports that the National Fraternal Order of Police posted a photo to their Facebook page of a police officer holding a Black boy in her arms with a caption that read: “This child was lost during the violent riots in Philadelphia, wandering around barefoot in an area that was experiencing complete lawlessness. The only thing this Philadelphia police officer cared about in that moment was protecting this child.”

As you can imagine, that caption was a whole-ass lie, and the union released a statement saying they took down the post due to “conflicting accounts of the circumstances under which the child came to be assisted by the officer.”

If you’re unaware, Philadelphia has been the site of multiple protests following the shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr. by Philadelphia police.

The child pictured is the son of 28-year-old Rickia Young. Young was driving in an SUV when she was confronted by Philadelphia police officers. Video of the true circumstances went viral and paints an entirely different picture than the one by the NFOP.

From CBS News:

A video of the incident appears to show the boy and his mother being pulled from their vehicle and being separated. The clip then appears to show the woman being assaulted by officers.

Attorneys Riley H. Ross III and Thomas O. Fitzpatrick, who are representing Young in a civil case, both called out the union. Ross tweeted the photo is “a lie.”

“The only thing that could make what they did out there on that night any more reprehensible than what it already was, was how they followed it up by attempting to use it as some type of propaganda and spin it in through some type of positive thing for for the police department,” Fitzpatrick told CBS News.

A short clip taken from a nearby building showed officers swarming an SUV and hitting it with weapons. The video shows officers dragging the driver, who Fitzpatrick identified as Young, out of the vehicle and beating her. The boy is also seen carried out of the vehicle.


Young was detained, released without charges, and reunited with her son that same night. According to Fitzpatrick, both Young and her son suffered physical injuries from the attack, though he said the “emotional trauma of it all” would be “a much longer process.”

The Philadelphia Police Department told CBS News in a statement that the incident is currently being investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit.

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I purposefully didn’t watch the video of police breaking the windows with a child in a carseat inside. The depth of depraved indifferent ‘wilding’ by cops was gonna be too much for me days before the election.

But the studied, vile dastardliness of spinning what they actually into heart-warming copaganda, says there’s no humanity left in that institution. Demonic evil like does not fear video evidence, eyewitness accounts, collateral damage, sanctions, financial settlements or individual terminations. It must be completely eradicated and eliminated.