Image from Blue Hand Mojo, graphic novel by John Jennings
Rosarium Publishing

In part 2 of The Root’s four-part video series on Afrofuturism, we get the perspective of Stacey Robinson, an adjunct professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Robinson is a visual artist who does work around Afrofuturism and black sci-fi. He repurposes cultural images, historical events and futuristic ideologies and then adds his own creative flair to make stunningly beautiful drawings as a way to explore spaces of black trauma and the black future.

Of dealing with the black past, Robinson says: “Trauma comes in for me in acknowledging the past, embracing the past, thinking about that past, freely examine it, freely think about it and then speculate on what the future will be in that untraumatic space.”

Watch part 1 of the Afrofuturism series with author Ytasha Womack here.

The Afrofuturism series is produced by Jordi Oliveres, Cale Bonderman, Gerry Martinez and Cesar Alpuche.


Jordi Oliveres is a musician-turned-journalist-turned-video producer. Originally from Mexico City, Oliveres now lives in New York City, where he works as senior director of music at Univision.

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