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The Atlanta Post Reports that the AFRO-American Newspaper has joined forces with Google to digitize its archives, making them searchable and available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The AFRO-American Newspaper is the oldest African-American family-owned newspaper in the nation.

"The AFRO has one of the most comprehensive collections of African American history in the world," said Oliver, the great-grandson of the newspaper's founder, John H. Murphy Sr. "The AFRO is an American institution and has a huge repository of information that can be used while blogging, or when someone is on Facebook to post quotes and with Twitter. Now, with our new mobile iPhone application, the AFRO's Archives can be accessed instantly by students at school, researchers and anyone who has a thirst to learn and understand."

The collection will include over a million articles that researchers, students, historians, teachers and anyone else who's interested can use to research coverage of just about any topic related to the African-American experience.

If you haven't done anything to acknowledge Black History Month, it seems like this would be a pretty good place to start. Check out the archives here.


Read more at the Atlanta Post.

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