African First Ladies Send First Tweets

Kenya's first lady Ida Betty Odinga (Google)

Zoe Fox of is reporting that Ida Betty Odinga, the wife of the prime minister of Kenya, and Thobeka Madiba Zuma, the first lady of South Africa, sent their first tweets Wednesday at the Social Good Summit.

The two dignitaries tweeted from the accounts of Mashable's @socialgood and @UNFoundation. This is the first time the first ladies have used Twitter to reach out to constituents. Odinga and Zuma tweeted about the importance of improving women's health, which is one of their main initiatives.


Zuma's first tweet read: Happy to send my first tweet and support #socialgood

Odinga's first tweet read: I tweet to ensure every one is healthy+able to take care of herself+family #social good

Clearly the first ladies recognize the power of social media to reach the masses, especially youths. Kudos to them for getting on board with using social media to create change in the world community.


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