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The Swearing-In Saga

The cold, cold Inauguration Day may have been filled with confusion regarding which locations were available for public viewing and which changes were made to the D.C. Metro schedule, but nothing was more confusing than Obama’s actual swearing-in ceremony. Somewhere in the middle of Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts’ back and forth, a flub was made that had everyone saying, “huh?” Both first-time participants of the presidential swearing-in process, the two resolved the minuscule matter later with a do-over in the White House. But not after commentators and conspiracy theorists made it the biggest deal in the world.

Captions by Jada F. Smith

Vetting Process, Schmetting Process


Remember how “intense” officials claimed the vetting process would be for President Obama’s cabinet members? Right—about as intense as a kid’s first visit to the dentist’s office—seems scary, but once under the laughing gas, it’s actually not bad at all. One Cabinet nominee dropped out after another, due to either a) tax issues or b) a shady business history, making all of us wonder if they thought no one would notice.

Fools Rush In


I propose renaming “The Rush Limbaugh” show “Please, Somebody Listen to Me Talk Smack About the President Because I Need Ratings Show” (all in favor, say aye). What hasn’t he said about Obama this year? From health care to the Nobel Prize, Limbaugh has been lobbying to play the antagonist in the fictional Barack Obama movie.

Birthers of a Nation


The crazies of the world rejoiced when they made it to the mainstream media spotlight. The Birther Movement reached its peak this summer with “experts” appearing on some of the country’s most “reputable” news stations, denouncing the president’s citizenship. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart analyzed it best.

Skipgate '09


After Cambridge police arrested Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. for breaking into his own home, President Obama said the police “acted stupidly,” sparking the most unnecessary controversy in the history of the world. Now if he would have lied and said something pleasant about the Cambridge police, he would have run the risk of having a congressman shout “You lie!” at him again. Just can’t win, huh, Prez?

Forgetting Sarah Palin


Just when we thought she couldn’t do any more damage, she proved us wrong. Thanks, Sarah Palin, for introducing the world to the term “death panels.” Another job well done.

America's Finest


Remember the opponents who said that Obama would ruin “traditional American family values” if he won the presidency? You know the same ones who carried guns to town hall meetings and waved signs of Obama with a Hitler mustache? Are these the values they spoke of?

The Day Decorum Died


Sure, we can expect distasteful outbursts from crazies at town halls or behind a desk at Fox News, but from a Congressman during an address by the president? Where are the parliamentarians when you need ‘em?! Can someone get this fool a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order? We appreciate passion and fervor from our elected officials, but shouting “You lie!” during a nationally televised session of Congress counts for neither of the two.

Can't Win 'Em All


Possibly the first time his international celebrity didn’t have the desired effect, Obama’s personal bid for the Olympics to come to Chicago was quite risky. And after being dropped in the first round, it was also quite embarrassing. He may be the first to do many things, but he’s also the first to get a proverbial slap in the face from the Olympics committee. Ouch.

You Sly FOX You


The White House officially declared war on the “unbiased” Fox News network. After months of slanted reports and commentary from Rupert Murdoch’s minions (that means you, Glenn Beck), I guess the White House drew the line when Fox News’ initial coverage of Obama winning the Nobel Prize totaled 2.11 minutes and was overshadowed by reports of a pumpkin cannon. Seriously. “Let’s not pretend they’re a news network,” said White House communications director Anita Dunn. Tell ‘em why you’re mad, son.