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Alright, folks, I have to keep it firmly a buck with you. I don’t know what, exactly, an Amy Klobuchar is. I know she’s running for President and apparently is a bit of a dick to her employees. Oh! I also know ol’ girl got bodied by Sunny Hostin.


This Tuesday on The View, Klobuchar made an appearance in the lead-up to the New Hampshire primaries. During the appearance, her record as a prosecutor came under scrutiny. Host Sunny Hostin pointed out that Klobuchar only had 0.5 percent of African-American support and dove into her record as Hennepin County Attorney. She asked about how her “tough on crime” approach disproportionally affected people of color and how of the two dozen officer-involved killings that happened under her watch, none of them were ever prosecuted. Klobuchar made a passive reference about systemic racism but didn’t really address the issue at hand.

Hostin then addressed the case of Myron Burell. In 2002, Burell was charged with the murder of an 11-year-old girl and sentenced to life in prison at the age of 16. The facts of the case are a mess: one of the detectives is on tape offering $500 to informants for names, Burrell’s alibies were not reviewed and one of the co-defendants admitted they were the gunmen. When confronted with this, all Klobuchar could say was “We need to review all the evidence.”


Man. This, honestly, was a layup. All Klobuchar had to do was express some remorse and detail what she would plan to do to make it better as both a Senator and potentially a President. If you’re polling so low with black voters, your pathway to the presidency is limited, if not completely obstructed. If Klobuchar is serious about becoming president, she needs to seriously reckon with her past.

Granted, Pete Buttigieg is racist as shit and he “won” Iowa.

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