A Second Top Black Female Employee Reveals She Was Fired From Google Back in September

Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California is shown in this photo on May 4, 2004.
Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California is shown in this photo on May 4, 2004.
Photo: David Paul Morris (Getty Images)

When April Christina Curley went to bed on the night of September 10, she probably didn’t think she’d wake up the next morning and be out of a job at Google. But that’s exactly what happened.


According to NBC News, Curley announced in a now viral Twitter thread on Monday that she had been fired from her role as diversity recruiter with the tech giant even though she had been “their most successful” recruiter within the history of their company.

Initially brought on in 2014 to help improve relations between Google and historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), Curley says that before her role— the company had never hired anyone from an HBCU to serve in a tech role. And can anyone here guess why?

Yup, you guessed it. Racism.

Curley then went on to reveal a series of unfair and biased hiring practices that she felt disproportionately targeted students from HBCUs, including “‘screening out’ resumes of students with ‘unfamiliar’ school/university names, leaving demeaning and absolutely insulting feedback about students which would ultimately result in a rejection at the hiring committee stage, and questioning students in interviews about the quality of the computer science curriculum that they were receiving at their HBCU, and criticizing it for ‘not meeting the bar’ compared to ‘elite,’ white institutions.”


“The reason Google never hired an HBCU student straight out of undergrad into one of their key engineering roles is because they didn’t believe talent existed at these institutions- until I showed up,” Curley wrote in one tweet.

During her time working for the company, Curley insists she tirelessly advocated on behalf of HBCU students though it was consistently met with backlash from her superiors. And by backlash, she means promotion and leadership opportunity denials, compensation cuts, being placed on performance improvement plans despite having rave performance metrics, getting yelled at and intentionally excluded from meetings. One white woman manager even went so far as to tell Curley that her Baltimore accent was a disability that should’ve been disclosed to her peers. All of this she feels, is what ultimately led to her termination with the company.


“I could write FOR DAYS about alllllll the awfully racist recruitment and hiring practices I saw at Google, WITH RECEIPTS,” Curley added in a tweet. “Take it from ME- their most successful BLACK QUEER WOMAN recruiter who they fired in the middle of a MF pandemic because they were tired of hearing me call them out on their racist bullshit.”

At this point, Google is running 0-2 when it comes to their treatment (or rather, mistreatment) of their Black women employees. Earlier this month, The Root reported that the company came under scrutiny after news broke of the firing of another one of their top executives, Timnit Gebru. Gebru, who co-led the Ethical Artificial Intelligence team at Google, told Bloomberg she was fired by the head of Google’s AI division in response to an internal email calling out the company’s treatment of minority employees, particularly those who identify as Black and female.


NBC News notes that Google has yet to comment on these allegations.



That part about the Baltimore accent is really galling! It shows how ANYthing associated with Blacks (predominantly) is denigrated and viewed as poor, less than and undesireable.

Google, populated with non-native English speakers who are Indian, Chinese and those from former Soviet nations, is okay with all their accents and nearly-unpronounceable names but a B’more accent is just too much?!

Oh, and they’ve got issues with HBCUs’ academic standards?! Fuck naw, I know FIRSTHAND about the eliding of academic standards at state schools when it comes to foreign students. How can their ‘A’ papers merely parroting back the academic text with myriad grammatical errors and no personal insight be the same as my ‘A’ with none of those issues AND 20 years of work experience and great emotional intelligence? FOH about those advanced degrees too cuz I watched those ‘collaborative society’-types employ all kinds of not-subtle subterfuge to cheat (and white Profs see and allow it)!!! But near graduation, these fuckos who can’t express themselves clearly, can’t write worth shit, don’t own an iron or a well-fitted suit or polished shoes and can’t sit up straight and look others in the eye are turning into James Fucking Bond and the Queen of England in interviews with all the top companies to get all the high-paying jobs off-the-rip?! Get.The.Fuck.Outta.Here! You can’t tell me what I KNOW!!!!!

There have always been a whole Overlooking of Deficits for whomever whites deem The Model Minorities of the Day/Industry!! But no matter what the year or the industry, Blacks Got to be Three Times Better than the last Ten Others to even get passed on to the next three more Phasing Out Sessions they’ll claim are suddenly part of the interview process!!

Lastly, Google prides itself on employing people all along the Autism spectrum with all their non-standard behaviors, attitudes and verbal atypicalities but typical Black cultural proclivities cannot be tolerated?!

This is how the game is rigged, perpetuates the rigging and ensures that the Model Minorities embrace their exceptionalism and rig the game toward anti-Black racism too!