A Procter & Gamble for People of Color

Tristan Walker 
Tristan Walker 

Move over, Procter & Gamble, a new kid (Walker & Company) is in town, here to make people of color beautiful and healthy.

Tristan Walker is the brains behind this start-up, which was inspired by his own experiences as a black male, All Things Digital reports. The new company has raised $2.4 million as of Sunday.

His first product is Bevel, a six-piece shaving kit that takes care of pesky razor bumps, created because of Walker’s own bad experiences with shaving and razor bumps, a problem from which 80 percent of black men suffer, he says.


"All of our products will start with problems first: Natural hair transitioning, vitamin D deficiency. We’re going to be patient and figure out the right problems to solve. And each product has to solve a really important problem," Walker said.

"Walker & Company exists for one reason: to make health and beauty simple for people of color. There are three ways we hope to do that. We’re committed to designing, developing and selling products that solve problems for people of color."

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