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A Nurse Accused An Inmate of Faking His Illness. Days Later He Died

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Another day and unfortunately, another unnecessary death of a young black man.

KMOV reports that Lamar Catchings, a 20-year-old man, died on March 1, 2019 in the St. Louis County Jail. A report released by the county has revealed new details surrounding the young man’s death. The report states that during the weeks before his death, Catchings had complained about not feeling well. At a court hearing on February 22, he told an officer he was feeling dizzy and unwell. Catchings couldn’t even stand and had to be rolled into court. Four days later, Catchings suffered a vomiting episode in his cell. A guard signaled for a nurse and asked if Catchings needed to go to the infirmary. The nurse told the guard that he thought he was faking it.


An autopsy would reveal that Catchings had a curable but undiagnosed form of cancer.

I’m kind of at a loss here. He was only 20. Not only that, he was in jail. Not even prison. He was awaiting sentencing and they just let him die. This kid was clearly sick, vomiting, his health deteriorating right before their eyes and they just let it happen. Given the state of the American prison system, I shouldn’t be surprised. This just feels like a different level of cruelty, though. All this kid needed to do was see a doctor and maybe he’d still be among the living. Sure he made a mistake but that’s no reason for him to be dead.


Tashonda Troupe, the mother of Lamar Catchings, has filed a lawsuit against the county over her son’s death. I certainly hope she gets the justice she deserves. No parent should ever have to bury a child. Especially under circumstances as preventable as these.

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Then there is this...


If someone you know is having a mental health issue don’t EVER tell 911 they are violent. Hell don’t even tell them its a mental health issue. Just tell them they appear disoriented and unresponsive. In a lot of jurisdictions will just dispatch fire and rescue. If a cop does show up they won’t be pumping adrenaline girding for a fight.