A Mystery ‘IV’ You: Are Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland About to Drop New Music?

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At this point in history, we should already be accustomed to the fact that Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has nary a piece of respect for our edges nor our bank accounts. At any given moment the Queen could drop a visual album and make the world stop, so it’s not too farfetched for her to be working on a project with Kelly Rowland.


Being a Beyoncé fan means that you’re always in a constant state of “ready.” Will she announce a tour? Will she drop a single? Will she announce her bid for the presidency? Anything is possible and you don’t have to get ready when you stay ready as a member of the Beyhive.

The Queen of cryptic-ass messages yet again set our blood pressure on the rise when rumors started floating that she and the best second lead vocalist known to man, Kelly Rowland, would be dropping a joint project.

The rumor surfaced when a random Instagram account surfaced. The mysterious RoseIVYou account popped up right after Rowland teased new music on her personal Instagram account. It is worth noting that Rowland captioned her photo with the following “😉🌹🌹.”

The mysterious RoseIVYou account, which is not verified, has almost ten thousand followers and only follows five accounts, including Beyoncé’s and Kelly Rowland’s. The account boasts four posts that feature what some believe are Beyonce’s vocals.

The Hive (of course) has been all over this and has reportedly debunked this myth.


Fake video or nah, roses have been a constant theme in the life of the Queen. She was recently pictured with a bouquet of roses that presumably were from her father; many speculated that she and Kelly both wore “rose gold” to the recent City of Hope’s Spirit of Life Gala on purpose; and the Queen posted a random photo of the Rose Bowl on her IG account, that I admittedly have notifications set for.


I’d like to remind all of you that before Lemonade dropped, Bey posted a photo of a random lemon and we all were oblivious. It’s Bey and she doesn’t do anything without intent, so something is coming. Is that something new music? Who knows. It might be a new line of rose scented workout attire or rose-colored furniture. Whatever it may be, my bank account and edges are ready for this jelly.

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