A Maryland High School Had a Nazi Flag Hanging in a Classroom Window

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Bruh, I swear racism in schools has just become my beat or something. It ain’t even been a whole ass week since another school fixed its face and did something racist. Tonight, it’s Nazis; more specifically, their flag.


According to NBC News, over the weekend a Nazi flag was seen hanging in a classroom window at Governor Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick, Maryland. The flag was fully visible during a basketball game at the school. Apparently, the flag was hung during a World War II history class.

Look y’all. Believe it or not, I went to high school. I learned about World War II. We read Night by Elie Wiesel, watched Schindler’s List for two weeks and we even had a holocaust survivor come in. Not once did my professor feel the need to bust out a full-on Nazi flag. I grew up in Arizona, folks. I really wouldn’t have surprised been if it happened.


A woman who was a former graduate of the school attended the basketball game and posted a picture of the flag hanging on Facebook with the following quote: “What culturally proficient educator has a ‘life’ size Nazi flag in their tool kit and then has the audacity to hang it OVER THEIR CLASSROOM WINDOW IN THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL BUILDING BY THE MAIN ENTRANCE.”

Shout out to the anonymous graduate coming through with the real questions. Why does the professor have this? Who’s just got Nazi memorabilia on deck? We’ve all seen movies, it’s never just a flag. Some white kid goes to some kindly old man’s house, gets offered some tea, the kid gets nosey and now he’s in a basement full of Nazi propaganda. Bet money this teacher is the kindly old white man in this scenario.

Frederick County Public Schools is investigating the incident and taking “appropriate steps to ensure an incident such as this is not repeated.” They also issued the customary “doesn’t represent our values, sorry to those this hurt,” statement. I’m so happy I’m not going to school in this era, y’all. The flagrant wilding is astounding.

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