GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is a Tea Party favorite. (Getty Images)

Leonard Pitts writes in his Miami Herald column that the Tea Party movement is losing favor among Americans partly because of its loud and angry antics.

Cheer up. Not everything went down over the last two weeks. 

Granted, most things did. The stock market tanked, government’s approval numbers fell, America’s credit rating slipped as if on a cosmic banana peel. All of which is predictable any time the world’s largest economy is driven to the rim of ruin while "leaders" bicker like kids in the back seat of the family car on a road trip across Texas. In August. With a busted AC.

But in the midst of that bleak litany of decline, there was a bright spot. Indeed, one leading indicator registered a sharp uptick. For the first time, it seems, more than half the American electorate now holds a negative view of the tea party movement. If you're wondering what that is a leading indicator of, the answer is simple: common sense.

The noteworthy thing about the CNN/ORC poll, which was conducted between Aug. 5-7, is not simply that it found 51 percent of Americans now regard the tea party unfavorably, up from 26 percent when they first started asking this question in January of 2010 …


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