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A Couple of Thoughts for the White Man From Detroit Who Hates Black People Protesting the National Anthem

Dave Reginek/Getty Images
Dave Reginek/Getty Images

A metro-Detroit business owner is catching some serious heat for a racist Facebook post in which he used the n-word to call out a black couple protesting the national anthem at a Detroit Lions game.


In the post, David Doptis—who, according to WXYZ Detroit, owns a business called Restaurant Liquidation Auctions in Pontiac, Mich.—attached a photo of a couple of Lions fans with the caption, “Ignorant niggers.” The photo, which appears to be a screenshot from Snapchat, was then uploaded to his Facebook account, with the additional caption:

You wana sit down for the national anthem? You don’t like our country then get [the] fuck outtt


The woman in the photo, Stacey Graham, told WXYZ Detroit that she was shocked over the photo, which has been shared widely on social media.

Graham, who is a Lions season ticket holder, also told the TV station that she has been sitting out the anthem since last year because she disagrees with the third verse of the song.

Doptis has yet to give any comment to news outlets regarding the incendiary post, but that hasn’t stopped social media users from attempting to reach him. Several Facebook and Twitter users have taken to the site to share his business phone number, urging others to contact him and to boycott his business.


But let’s take a closer look at Doptis’ post, which, in several ways, is a sterling example of a particular kind of racism that likes to drape itself in the colors of “patriotism.” The default slogan of these freedom boners runs along the lines of “If you don’t like X about America, then you can get out.”

Let’s consider, for just a moment, that Detroit is a majority-black city (according to the most recent census, nearly 80 percent of Detroit’s residents are black). May I kindly suggest, Mr. Doptis, that if you’re so disgruntled with seeing black people, maybe you should get the hell on out of Detroit and find yourself a nice hole in the desert sands of Utah, where you can wank off to the American flag in peace.


But that raises another issue: For someone who wants to bone the American flag so much, Doptis’ social media post shows that he wasn’t too concerned about honoring it. Rather than mind his own patriotic business and focus on the rockets’ red glare or the bombs bursting in air, Doptis instead opted to take a photo of a woman he doesn’t know and run his racist mouth on Facebook.

Because here’s the real deal: Doptis doesn’t actually love America, the flag or the anthem. He just hates black people.


Read more at WXYZ Detroit.

Staff writer, The Root.

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I’m really wondering what white people think racism actually is.

This week I’ve seen countless white people on Kinja defend that jizz stain PewDiePie by claiming that he isn’t racist after calling a random player on some game “a fucking nigger”, which apparently isn’t the first time he’s called someone a nigger on stream and he has openly flirted with nazis and other white supremacist scum this year. PewDiePie is a racist and a white supremacist. This random dickhead is a white supremacist. Plenty of white people are white supremacists.

Whether or not they have a white robe and hood in their closet is irrelevant; they vote for racist policies, they elect racist politicians, they say racist shit about us when we aren’t in the room or straight to our faces depending on how froggy they feel.

This isn’t hard.