A Bully Coach and the 'Future Welfare Recipient'


In an entry at his Field Negro blog, Wayne Bennett checks in on the controversy surrounding a Kansas high school basketball coach's racist comments to a student in which he called him a "future welfare recipient." Bennett essentially concludes that the man should not be allowed to teach, given that his racist and bigoted ideologies spill into the classroom.

… "As reported by the Kansas City Star and KCTV News, among other outlets, Marcus Williams Sr. and his son, Marcus Williams Jr., filed a racial harassment suit against the Winnetonka School District after Winnetonka (Kan.) High basketball coach Derek Howard called the younger Williams a "future welfare recipient" while the student was posing for a picture in a school hallway, then repeated the comments while Williams filmed him on his cell phone.


Here's how Marcus Williams Jr. described the incident to KCTV:

"[Howard] was doing a daily jog and he stopped and he said, 'Hey, take a picture and then at the bottom: future welfare recipient,'" the student said. "I just felt belittled, crushed and utterly discouraged."


… In closing let me say this: Teachers should not be bullies. They also should not have ignorant views, but if they can do a good job of teaching and keep their views to themselves, I say let them teach. But a bully should not get that kind of leeway, because a bully can't hide the fact that he is a bully, and invariably he will act out in ways that are harmful to the children that he is charged with teaching.  

Mr. Howard is a bully. And that's why he shouldn't be teaching. Not because of his narrow minded and ignorant views about welfare. Hell, if that was the case, the unemployment rate in this country would be closer to 80%.

Read Wayne Bennett's entire blog entry at the Field Negro.

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