A Blazer for Black Royalty: Crown Royal Released a New Slick Blazer, and Ya Boy Tried It

Black folks love Crown Royal.

We hold this truth to be self-evident.

But what happens when one of our most beloved brands veers into the wonderful world of fashion? Inspired by Crown Royal’s XR Extra Rare series, celebrity designer ALBA has unveiled a limited-edition bespoke blazer—one of which I was blessed enough to receive—that’s equal parts sophisticated and street.


In celebration of this glorious union, The Root chopped it up with menswear maven Jhoanna Alba to discuss the impetus behind the blazer, the #BlackRoyalty being celebrated in Crown Royal’s various Black History Month campaigns, and why the revered whiskey not only has a permanent home in our liquor cabinets, but in our hearts.



Damn, I sure am white. I never knew at all until now that Crown Royal is a particular favorite among blacks.

Have you ever tried Crown Royal Black? I got a bottle of Crown Royal Black as a very well-appreciated Christmas gift last year. (THANKS NIK!) It’s not as fawncy as XR I suppose, but it is quite good, similar yet subtly different from the original. And you know the violet drawstring bag Crown Royal comes in? The bag Crown Royal Black comes in is black velvet.

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