9/11 Mastermind, Other Sets to Go on Trial in NYC

A military tribunal won't get its hands on Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

But a New York federal court will get the opportunity to try the man who claims to be the mastermind of the of the 9/11 attacks along with four others. From The Washington Post

"The long-awaited decisions on prosecution, part of President Obama's quest to close the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, do not affect the vast majority of the 215 prisoners held at the prison. The decisions come on the same day that White House counsel Gregory B. Craig, a key manager of Obama's Guantanamo Bay policy, is expected to announce his resignation.

Obama, speaking to reporters in Japan on the first day of an eight-day overseas trip, declined to comment extensively on the decisions, saying Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. would hold a news conference later in the day. But he dismissed concerns that trial in federal court would mean a less stringent accountability process.

"I am absolutely convinced that Khalid Sheik Mohammed will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice," Obama said. "The American people insist on it, and my administration will insist on it."


Get the full scoop on the 9/11 trials and judicial jurisdiction from the Washington Post here

What say you? Should the feds be left to prosecute terrorist acts or is it a military matter?

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