8 Things I Learned From an 18-Word Tweet From Rick Fox About Kanye West

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1. Rick Fox considers Kanye West to be his friend.

2. Kanye West considers Rick Fox to be his friend, so much so that Kanye asked Rick Fox to send a message TO THE WORLD for him. I’ve met Rick Fox, this makes sense. If I could have any one person send a message for me that would simultaneously let you know that they’re my friend, Rick Fox is about as good as it gets.



3. Rick Fox is a trooper. During a time when folks are very up-and-down on Kanye, he still decided to deliver this message on behalf of The College Dropout, whose album, now that I think about it should have been called, Let’s Be Real, I Wasn’t Gonna Get This Degree Anyway.

4. Kanye was kicked off Twitter for 12 hours. Probably should have been more; considering Kanye was out here leaking privileged and confidential LEGAL documents, he probably needed more time.

5. Twitter kicks folks off for 12 hours? News to me. Most folks I know who have been kicked off of Twitter have been suspended for days or altogether, #hiTalib.

6. Back to Rick Fox, the fact that he opened up this tweet with “My friend @kanyewest,” lets me know that come hell or high water, RICK FOX is by your side. I’m telling you, I’m buying high on Rick Fox stock.


7. Out of all the people in the world to relay this message, the only person that made sense to Kanye, one of the more unreasonable people on the planet (at this juncture), was Rick Fox. Now that might be hyperbole; perhaps Rick Fox called Kanye to tell him to stop putting all his business in the streets and Kanye was like, “well they kicked me off for 12 hours,” and Rick Fox was like, “that’s messed up.” Kanye was like, “Rick Fox, can you let the world know that they kicked me off for 12 hours?! It’s more slavery bro!” The more I write here the more it feels like a South Park episode. Somebody will kill Kenny shortly.

8. Kanye West felt that Rick Fox could properly relay this message. Even if you knew this message was coming, what are the chances that Rick Fox would be in the top 100 of your picks to be the messenger? Less than .01 percent? Less than that? And yet, here we are. Kanye West is still trying to show you how good of a judge of talent he is. And do you know what the big message is here?


Immigrants, THEY GET THE JOB DONE!! Landed that Hamilton reference like a boss. (For those who are confused, Rick Fox is Canadian.) Because Kanye is odd, I can see him literally making this decision BECAUSE he heard that quote; I’d bet good money that he watches Hamilton.

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That thirsty idiot is asking EVERYONE and ANYONE to get him out of twitter jail: